CountryClientType of services
United Kingdom Company involved in Maritime Design & Engineering.International Marketing, primarily West Africa.
Sweden Management Consultancy.International Marketing related to Swedish companies. Management for hire.
USA Consulting Engineers & Post-Loss Evaulation CompanyBusiness Development in Scandinavia & UK
Sweden Shipyard Project Management
Nigeria Design & Engineering Consultancy. Business Development.
USA vs UK Offshore Vessel Operator. Technical Assistance in Dispute Resolution
Sweden vs Holland Offshore Vessel Operator Delay Analysis in Arbitration
USA Offshore Vessel Operator Technical Assistance in Arbitration
Sweden Cluster of Fabricators Business Development in the Oil & Gas Sector
Qatar vs Korea Offshore Field Operator Delay Analysis in Dispute Resolution
SwedenPrivate InvestorsInterim Chief Operating Officer and later Interim President for a shipyard-group
Brasil vs BrasilOil CompanyTechnical Assistance in litigation related to Floating Production Unit Conversion